500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

Meditation is an art form of sorts, whoever masters it learns to lead their lives better and in a calmer manner. Yoga is synonymous with meditation and involves breathing techniques which are designed to help sync your mind, body and soul together. Learning this is easy, but mastering is hard and in order to be able to teach it, you would need to put in a lot of time in meditating and performing yoga voraciously.

You can do so with the 500 hour yoga teacher training Rishikesh,Uttarakhand. The course is long and is designed to help you soak in as much knowledge. From the pranayamas to the asanas and even all the exercises involved, is taught in great detail. During this time you will be given accommodation and satvic food for sustenance. The courses 500 hour can be used to receive an accreditation from Yoga Alliance, USA.

You might be wondering, but why Rishikesh and India? Put simply it is the birthplace of yoga and Rishikesh is one of the most pleasant places on earth. Surrounded by forests and mountains and one of the largest rivers in the world flowing through it, there is no better place than Rishikesh to get yoga training from. The gurus and sadhus here have been practicing it for thousands of years and you are sure to pick up a great treasure trove of knowledge upon the completion of your course. The same knowledge you would then be able to spread all over the world.

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