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Increasing Calorie Intake for Instant Burning

If youre not doing core workouts, and literally working out off and on all day (like you would for the military or other sports), then this diet is not for you. This form of dieting is also not for you if you are obese and have low activity levels, or bulimic, as you need to engorge yourself some to get used to increasing calories. It may not be easy, but increasing your calorie intake usually involves eating large meals, healthy snacks, and this common dieting method can drastically help you gain the muscle mass you need, maximize your nutrients, and increase your health overall with high amounts of physical activity. Its also a great diet for adolescents who are trying to get taller and beef up.

Note: You should do a burst high activity workout almost immediately (within 20 minutes) after finishing each meal/snack, even if its just for a 5-10 minute period to burn extra fat calories and increase muscle mass. Exercises should be jogging (or in place), and various core exercises that also benefit cardio and muscle gain (military presses, pull-ups, pushups, etc.)



Eggs (1c scrambled, 3 hard fried, or 3 boiled eggs)

Bacon or sausage (2 patties, 3 links or 4 pcs of bacon)

1c nuts (if possible. Walnuts or Almonds. May be mixed into strawberries)


1 bowl strawberries & blueberries, &raspberries(or blackberries)

(1c each. 1tsp of sugar may be added)

1 banana

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